User feedback combined with quantitative data

One of the core strengths of SusLab lies in the combination of quantitative data (the sensor networkobjective measurements such as temperature and CO2) and qualitative data (feedback from participants / users) for the research on these innovative concepts.

Users are involved in all stadia of the research: in the developing, testing, and diffusion of the innovative concepts.

A three tier model

SusLabNWE provides a unique opportunity to develop methods for studying how sustainable innovations fit into the daily life of users. Based on the three tier model depicted here, methods are being developed for:

  • (a) early insight studies,
  • (b) living lab studies in the research houses involving new products and services, and
  • (c) in existing homes which can be equipped with the sustainable living innovations.


Creating a platform to measure activity

The goal of the methodology work is create the sensing platforms for measuring human activity in relation to energy and resource consumption in combination with accompanying qualitative methodologies. The methods will be adapted according to the context. For example an interactive questionnaire based on the experience sampling method may appear as a display or on a portable device for insight studies, while new products or services being tested in the research house or in existing homes, may have an interactive display embedded into the product or service itself.

SusLabNWE Toolbox

The SusLab methods will be developed in such a manner that researchers in the field have an optimal set of tools in a toolbox setup. This will enable them to rapidly setup user-centered design studies in the field and collaborate closely with stakeholders.

Workshops among the SusLab partners are currently being conducted towards pooling knowledge and building the toolbox.