SusLab Mission

Reduce energy use in the home environment

SusLabNWE aims to reduce energy consumption in the home environment. It offers an international infrastructure of Living Labs, existing households and a Sensor Network in 4 countries to test and develop innovative sustainable concepts (products, systems).

User influence

Technology has advanced and houses have become increasingly energy efficient. However, often more energy is consumed than the building's energy label would suggest. What creates the real difference? What defines the success rate of energy saving technologies in homes? This could very well be the user (the members of the household) itself.

Developing Prototypes 

The new sustainable concepts are examined using observational techniques. Prototypes of these concepts are positioned in both the Living Labs and the existing households for short-term studies on sustainable living. SusLab thus provides a context in which users can interact with and report on sustainable innovations. Furthermore, practices with other households and stakeholders can be shared.


The SusLab approach, Toolbox and activities are best described in the online SusLab Brochure.

Watch the video below for a quick overview