Bengt Dahlgren and HSB Living Lab

HSB Living Lab and the technology consulting company Bengt Dahlgren has now come to agreement. The collaboration makes research on energy consumption and –supply in sustainable housing of the future possible.

- We want to make a contribution with our extensive knowledge concerning different energy-issues and indoor climate in residential buildings. With the right installation-system for heat, hot water and ventilation, and by consciously choosing the right options for supplying our houses with energy in an energy-efficient way, we can make a difference both in terms of creating a pleasant environment to live in and on a greater scale in terms of our global climate. We are particularly interested in the research being conducted on future common laundry facilities and dishwashing-equipment, says Berth Olsson, CEO of Bengt Dahlgren, who already has positive experiences from exchanging knowledge with researchers and students at Chalmers University of Technology.

The intention with HSB Living Lab is for students to be able to test products, materials and different ways of living in a full-scale environment. The building will be placed on Chalmers’ campus in Gothenburg and is scheduled for completion during 2015. The development of the project is conducted in close collaboration with amongst others Chalmers University of Technology, Johanneberg Science Park and Akademiska Hus. The results derived from the project will benefit and aid the development of future living and housing.

- HSB Living Lab welcomes Bengt Dahlgren onboard the project and are very pleased to gain access to the extensive competence concentrated in the company in order to cooperatively develop the sustainable housing of the future, says Sanna Edling, Project Manager of HSB Living Lab.

HSB Living Lab is a part of Johanneberg Science Park’s Open Arena – Urban Development. It is a collaborative environment intended to aid the exchange of knowledge between industry, academia and society. Bengt Dahlgren Göteborg AB and HSB are two of Johanneberg Science Park’s partners.

For more information, please contact:
Sanna Edling, Project Manager of HSB Living Lab, +46 702-75 70 25,
Berth Olsson, CEO Bengt Dahlgren, +46 734 142543,
Maria Ådahl, Responsible for Open Arena Urban Development,, +46 721 810578

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