Climate-KIC Flagship approved

The aim of the BTA is to accelerate the potential of low-carbon products and services in the built environment.

To support the transformation the built environment, the international BTA Flagship platform aims to stimulate the dissemination and acceleration of new technologies in the market. The Flagship also addresses the climate impact of new building technologies combined with human interaction. One of the key BTA deliverables is to create a sustainable building certification ranking system. This system will be centered on building technology performance in relation to human activity. 

The BTA provides a network of the next generation of LivingLabs and field testing accessible to start-up companies, academia and larger industry participants. The BTA Living Labs network will offer a unique resource for Europe for business and academia. The BTA builds on the current SusLab EU Interreg project. 

The lead partners for this project are ETH Zurich, Chalmers University, Knight Frank, TU Delft and IVE Spain. ETH Zurich will be coordinating the entire project. The total principle budget commitment for the flagship under the C-KIC innovation pillar budget is approximately € 36 million over a five year period. On a yearly basis progress will be accessed by the BTA executive board. The Climate KIC educational budget for PhDs and professional education as well as the entrepreneurial pillar for start-up funding both have their own budget, independent of the innovation pillar, while linking to Flagship activities. 

From 7 – 18 July the first BTA Summer School will take place in Rotterdam. More information about this will follow soon.

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