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What is a hackday?

A 'hackday' or a 'hackathon' is an event where people from different disciplines (programmers, computer scientists, graphic designers) come together to 'hack' - in a creative way - existing software and/or hardware technologies. The aim is to freely improve existing materials, make changes and adjustments and for example find other purposes of the materials by thinking 'out of the box' and experimenting.

The RCA Hackday

The hackday invited both technological as well as human (or user) perspectives on the use of energy in households. The participants of the Hackday had a range of interests, experience and expertise and included designers, developers, makers, researchers.

Focused around a number of different prototypes, the participants could 'hack' existing technology and innovations to explore their own ideas on this topic.

To read the whole report of the RCA Hackday, visit the SusLab at the RCA - Blog.

>> Watch a video that was made by one of the participants on the day here. <<


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