HSB Living Lab

HSB Living Lab has received the award for ‘first-class innovative project’  on the 20th of October at the international IASP-conference in Doha, Qatar.

HSB Living Lab one of the SusLab Living Labs and also part of the international network of Living Labs of the Climate-KIC Flagship Building Technologies Accelerator (BTA) .

 ‘This kind of significant international acknowledgement gives the entire HSB Living Lab-project a boost of energy. HSB Living Lab has already received international attention, and now it is time for Sweden to find out more about this unique third-generation Living Lab’, says Sanna Edling, project manager for HSB Living Lab.

IASP is an international world-wide network of science parks and innovation areas with 405 members from 73 countries, out of which Johanneberg Science Park is one. 

About HSB Living Lab

HSB Living Lab is a portable research-, demonstration-, and housing arena. Approximately sixty students and guest researchers of all ages and nationalities will inhabit it while research on innovative technology, architecture and social connections is simultaneously conducted - around the clock. The project is limited to ten years and will be built by flexible and portable modules. The first sod will be turned in March 2015, and the new families, singles and couples who will be living here, and in some cases conduct research here, will be able to move in on October 1st. 

SusLab and BTA Living Labs

The SusLab and BTA Living Labs are living laboratories: real-life buildings of home or work environments. They are used for testing energy efficiency and sustainability. These labs are set up as real homes where research participants use new products and systems for a short or long period of time. They provide an ideal environment for testing new products, systems and processes.

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