Innovative ideas at the SusLab Hackathon

The attendance was good: both students and staff from different faculties had signed up. The lunch lecture that preceded the Hackathon was opened by dr. ir. Marjolein Spaans, who welcomed everyone on behalf of DEnvI. After this, presentations about SusLab and in particular the designed methodology and SusLab Toolkit, were held by the SusLab project leader prof. dr. David Keyson (IDE) and SusLab team members dr. Natalia Romero Herrera (IDE) en dr. Laure Itard (OTB).

After a short break the second part of the afternoon programme started: an interactive mini-Hackathon that built on the lunch lecture. Natalia Romero had created five assignments which the participants could use to hack different parts of the SusLab Toolkit.

The participants worked in groups and thought of diverse and innovative possibilities for new applications or developments of the SusLab Toolkit. Ideas differed from adjusting the perception of thermal comfort through using various colours of light, saving energy by using local and individual heating rather than heating up a whole room, a more intensive application of the Equarium (part of the SusLab Toolkit) by using face recognition, more possiblities to communicate with occupants and new visualisations to indicate energy use or temperature. The participants also brainstormed about linking energy consumption with other factors that influence the degree of sustainability of a household, such as the amount of waste. Also, connecting external and personal factors, such as for example the available budget, to the desired level of thermal comfort in homes was discussed. 




About the SusLab Toolkit

SusLab is an international infrastructure for the design and evaluation of technologies to support sustainable home practices. SusLab is co-financed by INTERREG IVB NWE.

The SusLab Toolkit has been developed to take a wide variety of measurements in homes. It measures objective and subjective data by the use of both qualitative and quantitative methods. The SusLab Toolkit currently consists of the following elements:

-       The SusLab Sensor Box

-       The Equarium

-       The SusLab Smart Plugs

-       The SusLab Comfort Dial

-       The SusLab Activity Reports

These different elements of the SusLab Toolkit send their data to the Central SusLab Database where this can be analysed.

BTA Flagship

The Business Technology Accelerator (BTA) Flagship that has recently started builds on the SusLab project. The BTA is the largest project in the Climate-KIC.

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