Journey for Journalists of the EnergyAgency @ NRW

The leading question of the Journey for Journalists with the Minister of Science of North-Rhine-Westfalia Svenja Schulze was: „How can energy-efficency in the built environment be enhanced by integrating users?“ This being one of the core questions of the project SusLabNWE the german pilot area presented it’s locations of research and innovation.

The first stop of this one-day-trip was InnovationCity Ruhr, in form of the ZIB (Center for Innovation and Consultation) at Model City Bottrop. Having the aim of enabling bottom-up processes with the goal of stimulating sustainability and public participation, this area of InnovationCity Ruhr is predestinated for being the pilot area of the german project partners of SusLabNWE.


One of the three „Future Houses“ of the InnovationCity Ruhr was the second stop of the journey, showing that not only the built environment has to be changed, but also it’s inhabitants’ social practices. The transformational prodcuts of Folkwang University of the Arts demonstrated how to trigger first the examination and second the alteration of habits.

The third station was the SmartHome Lab of the Hochschule Ruhr West in Bottrop, being a microhouse for development, with different advantages: first new functions can be developed in a real-life setting and second complex systems can be made visible, making this ‚laboratory’ valueable for teaching.

The fourth and last stop of the journey, the Fraunhofer InHouse Center in Duisburg presented it’s settings to develop new solutions for buildings, bringing together the knowledge of seven different Fraunhofer-Institutes and economic stakeholders.

The Journey was a complete success and all the participants were impressed by the results of the project and by the progress made so far. This journey was an essential step for the project.

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