Chalmers and University of Houston Hackdays 3 & 4 Feb

Chalmers and University of Houston will participate in hackdays on February 3-4, 2014. A parallel workshop with focus on challenges with future laundry related to HSB Living Lab and the NASA space program. Researchers and students will participate.

The Royal Academy of Art in London with experience of similar activites will lead the workshop. HSB Living Lab is a research and demonstration pavilion which also includes homes for students and guest researchers. The building will be located on the Chalmers site and completed in 2015. A collaboration project between HSB, Chalmers and Johanneberg Science Park among others.

HSB Living Lab is also via Johanneberg Science Park and Chalmers connected to a EU-project, SusLabNWE. SusLabNWE aims to in North-West Europe set up a networked infrastructure of houses and ‘living laboratories' for studying technology-user interaction in real-life home environments at 5 locations.
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