SusLab Lunch Lecture & Mini Hackathon in Delft

Lunch lecture and ‘Mini - Hackathon’ on SusLab @ TU Delft

Tuesday 18th February a challenging afternoon on SusLab will be organised at IDE.

The lunch lecture will first give you an introduction of the SusLab aims, framework, prototypes, tools and methods.

During the the Mini Hackathon after the lecture, we will explore and experiment with the tools and methods developed for SusLab. The participants will be challenged to create new innovations around the challenges of saving energy in the home environment.

This event is open to students and staff from all TU Delft disciplines, including industrial design engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics, computer science, policy etc. We will be looking for people that are enthusiastic about the topic of home sustainable technologies and are willing to engage in an intensive workshop session in  a multidisciplinary setting.


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Date:              Tuesday 18th February

Time:             11:45 – 15:45

Location:       Wim Crouwelzaal, IDE


About SusLab

SusLab is European project around saving energy in the home environment.  The four participating countries are: the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Key elements are the Living Labs, the shared sensor network to take measurements in households in the four participating countries and the shared database which gathers all the data. SusLab aims to set up an international infrastructure to test and develop innovative solutions that help reduce energy in the home environment.

To realise a substantial energy reduction however, understanding the behaviour around energy of the people who live in the houses (the energy users) is as important as the development of technological innovations. SusLab unites these two aspects in obtaining both objective data through the sensor network and qualitative data through direct user feedback.

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