Chalmers TH

Chalmers through the homes for tomorrow (HSB Living Lab) research program offers a broad research profile in building physics, water engineering, construction engineering, architecture, acoustics and psychology for exploitation, and retrofit and refurbishment of new homes. Chalmers works with Mölndal City, which has been involved in previous Interreg projects and has strong ties to new development through active involvement in Chalmers’ Mistra Urban Futures program. Chalmer’s programme’s user-centred approach to sustainability in the built environment includes real-life reference testing, inspirational concept homes and full-scale prototyping, meeting SusLabNWE’s exact aims. Chalmers multidisciplinary team (engineers, designers, sociologists and psychologist) set it apart. It provides a critical link between all disciplines necessary to create SusLabNWE’s infrastructure. It has highly relevant experiences providing decisive contributions to the testing infrastructure and methodology creation. Contribution to the project:
In WP1, Chalmers will be working closely with Johanneberg Science Park, Mölndal city and Riksbyggen to create a strong partnership in Sweden that supports future living in homes. This will be supported by the funding research program Homes for tomorrow.
In WP2, the Göteborg consortium will focus on developing insight testing capacity, and at setting up facilities for studies in laboratory environments. The phase 1 insight testing will take place in homes created in the new Papyrus redevelopment project (cooperation with Mölndal City). The focus on phase 1 and 2 activities is due to the Papyrus area currently being exploited; the ideas will be tested during the construction phase.
In WP4, longitudinal studies of customer comfort will be carried out in the “positive footprint housing” created by Riksbyggen and in cooperation with the partners Johanneberg Science Park and Chalmers.