HSB Living Lab


The HSB Living Lab is a cooperation between three organisations: HSB Housing Corporation, Johanneberg Science Park (JSP) and Chalmers University. This Living Lab will primarily be created as a residential building for students, located on the Chalmers campus in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The architectural firm Tengbom constructs design of the house. The planning is that in 2015 the first students will move in. The students will try different products, materials and test different ways of living. Research will be conducted in close collaboration with the Chalmers and Gothenburg Universities and the results will be used by HSB to develop the homes of tomorrow.

The HSB Living Lab

  • has a ground space of 400 m2 and will be on three floors.
  • will have a total of about 25 apartments for students and guest researchers. These student units will be flexible and it will be possible to change the layout over the ten year duration. 
  • includes other facilities like an exhibition area, a common laundry room and a meeting area.
  • is a cooperation between HSB (a cooperative housing association with 550.000 members) and a management team with representatives from  Chalmers, Interactive Institute and NASA. 


Next to involvement in SusLabNWE, the HSB Living Lab aspires to use the results from research in the HSB production of homes, find solutions to challenges in society such as climate change and lack of homes, to increase partnership with companies, researchers and students and to find a model for temporary housing for young people and students. This Living Lab is also used for NASA in their work for sustainable habitats in space exploration.

About HSB Housing Corporation

HSB has a long tradition of development and innovation. Most apartments are owned by tenants, although there is also some rented housing. As HSB is a cooperation, all members can take part in the decision-making process. 

  • Owned by 550 000 members.
  • Today, one in ten homes in Sweden is an HSB home.
  • HSB constructs, owns and manages properties and the profits are reinvested in the homes.
  • Create homes, not just houses and buildings
  • Sustainability is one of HSB's core values.
  • Wants to be at the forefront of the development of a sustainable housing sector.

A short animated video on HSB Housing Corporation

An impression of the HSB Living Lab in 2015


Current status of the location


Contact details 


Sanna Edling 
Sustainability Manager 
Phone: +46 10 442 03 46
Email: sanna.edling@hsb.se

* Johanneberg Science Park

Maria Ådahl
Director for Open Arena Urban Development
Phone: +46 721 810578

* Chalmers University of Technology

Dept of  Civil and Environmental Engineering Homes of Tomorrow
Greg Morrison, professor
Phone: +46 31 7721937
Email: greg.morrison@remove-this.chalmers.se

Twitter: #HSBLivingLab