CityPorts Academy

CityPorts Academy Rotterdam is a foundation in which the City of Rotterdam and Port of Rotterdam are working on large-scale redevelopment of the city’s port area to redevelop the cities’ housing stock from mainly low-quality social housing to neigbourhoods attractive for middle incomes. The foundation includes a large group of public authorities, research & education organizations and businesses, including Hogeschool Rotterdam, Arcadis, Public Works Rotterdam, Woonbron Housing Cooperation, Delft University of Technology. CPA initializes, stimulates, coordinates and facilitates research and development projects including Concept House Village where innovative, green, attractive living concepts are demonstrated for future large scale roll-out. CPA contributes in the following ways:
It leads activitiy 1.3 Engagement with regional innovation community, and is involved in WP2 implementation of the infrastructure and WP3 Valorisation and financing of the infrastructure.

Facilite the realisation of the SusLab in the Concept House Village, Rotterdam Connect the project to local authorities and innovation networks like the industrial CleanTechDelta initiative. CPA exploits the RDM campus where the Dutch SusLabNWE node will be located. It has strong ties to the City and Port of Rotterdam, Higher Education Institutes in the region, as well as regional industry. Its involvement is critical because of its leading role in SusLabNWE node’s location, and its intermediary role linking SusLabNWE activities with regional stakeholders. It coordinates the involvement and support of project stakeholders working on the project, through dissemination and PR activities and regular direct contact with them. Since this intermediary role does not include handson work in development activities, the allocated budget is very limited.