Delft University of Technology: TU Delft

TU Delft invests in the Living Lab Concept House Prototype 1, including:

  • smart activity sensing
  • a mobile energy management system (Prof.  Keyson, Dr. Mahmud, Mr. Luxon and Mr. de Hoogh)
  • the capability to store and retrieve energy from an electric vehicle (As. Prof. Silvester, coordinator of Mobility Program, Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft) and energy efficiency, and
  • indoor climate measurement (Prof. Visscher, Housing Quality and Process Innovations).

The energy performance coefficient (EPC) of the house will be measured by Prof. van Timmeren, faculty of Architecture. Additionally, many student projects in the area of water, energy and resource conservation will be piloted tested in the Concept House Prototype and will involve insight studies with local residents of Heijplaat, Rotterdam where the research house is situated.





Meet the Team


Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) 


 Prof. dr. David V. Keyson MSc is SusLabNWE project leader and Program Leader Sustainable Work and Living at the faculty of IDE

 Dr. ir. Natalia A. Romero Herrera PDEng is Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) in the faculty of IDE in Design Contextualisation and Communication

 Ir. Jeroen van der Aa is Project Consultant Research Projects for the IDE Valorisation Team

  Dr. ir. Sacha Silvester is Associate Professor Industrial Design and is involved with the SusLab valorization


Faculty of Architecture


  Prof. dr. ir. Arjan van Timmeren is Professor Environmental Technology & Design

 Prof. dr. ir. Henk J. Visscher is Leader Sustainable Housing Transformations research programme in the department of OTB

 Mw. dr. Laure C.M. Ittard is Associate Professor and sr. Researcher for the section Housing Quality and Process Innovation in the department of OTB

 A. (Tasos) Ioannou MSc works in the department of OTB and focuses on thermal comfort in the home environment with his research for SusLab