Hochschule Ruhr-West

Based in the cities of Bottrop and Mülheim an der Ruhr, HRW is an applied sciences university run by North Rhine-Westphalia committed to high-quality teaching and research. Since September 2009, HRW has offered degree programmes in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering & Business–Energy Systems. Since October 2009, the Institute for Energy Systems and Energy Business has been at HRW. It is involved in:
a) Concept for a Zero Emission Campus
b) Involvement in several other InnovationCity projects in Bottrop
c) Research activities within the European Intelligent Energy Europe programme (co-ordination of the project “ChangeBest” on energy efficiency services
HRW has close co-operation with Fraunhofer inHaus innovation center, the cooperation platform of the Fraunhofer- Gesellschaft for new technology and application solutions in residential and commercial properties, sharing laboratories. Prof. Grinewitschus is professor for building services at HRW and head of InHaus.
InHaus serves as the interface to the market. HRW contributes knowledge on energy systems, energy efficiency and energy-related behaviour, and building services and automation to the WPs. Involved professors contribute long-term experience in international, collaborative projects. Contribution to SusLabNWE includes:
WP1: InHaus experience with user-centered testing
WP2: InHaus experiences with design and operation of a static Living Lab
WP3: InHaus contribution of experience exploitation
• WILO SE: co-creation and field testing pilots - system solutions for heat distribution in building services (attend design workshops, evaluation workshops; contribute to the definition of technical specifications; contribute to the qualification of craftsmen for the field testing)
• Elektro Gerhardt and Wübbelt: field testing pilots - focus in gas, water and electric installations – installation of prototype systems for field testing use, evaluation and qualification workshops

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