Bottrop Living Lab

The Bottrop Living Lab is a small unit that consists of 3 completely usable rooms: a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet; bedroom and a combination of living room; and a kitchen)

The most important characteristics of the Bottrop Living Lab are:


  • It combines industrial pc with a PLC, logging the measured data to a MYSQL database
  • WAGO PLC (programmable logic controller) for measuring and controlling following aspects:
  • Room temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide concentration (testing of different sensors from several manufacturers)
  • Electrical energy consumption of different consumers (light, Hot water, heating system, …)
  • Control of the heating system (e.g. reaching a temperature set point, cooling down and heating up the room temperature again)
  • Simulation of the carbon dioxide emission and ventilation behavior of one or more persons, emission and ventilation remote-controlled, comparison to the measured data in the households
  • Several weather stations for measuring of temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction etc.; comparison of the results from the greened façade with the results of not greened façade
  • Electrical radiation heating



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