Imperial College

Imperial College London is regularly ranked in the top 10 research universities in the world. A key feature of Imperial’s research approach is a focus on inter-disciplinary activity, which is undertaken through the College’s Institutes and Centres. The Centre for Transport Studies will take the lead in developing new analytical tools to characterise the impact of new low carbon building design and smart appliances on in home and out of home activity and consumption behaviour. CTS is an international centre of excellence in several areas including the analysis and modelling of activity, with an especially strong track record in the areas of pervasive sensing, intelligent network management and control, and user behaviour. Imperial hosts the UK co-location centre of the Climate-KIC and will work closely with its UK and European partners to foster synergies between this project and the activities of the Climate-KIC.
Contribution to the SusLab project: In WP1, IC will contribute to methodology development for analysis of user behaviour. In WP2, work will draw on data collected through both laboratory testing at the London Sustainable Industries Park and real-world demonstrations to be undertaken in Barking Riverside and East London. In WP3, IC will contribute by involving the BP funded Urban Energy Systems project, the Low Carbon London Project, in which Imperial is working jointly with UK Power Networks, Logica, Siemens, GLA and the Institute for Sustainability and the EPSRC funded Digital City Exchange project.