InnovationCity Ruhr

InnovationCity Management GmbH, established in 2010, is the executive entity of the Ruhr area’s main push to innovate urban environments “Innovation City Ruhr” in which 20 municipal agencies and 50 research and private entities participate. It aims to demonstrate that the CO2 emissions of existing urban structures can be halved over a period of ten years, while improving the quality of life, adapting the city to the climate change, encouraging the Community. ICR initiates single R&D projects with innovative technologies and processes and the implementation of known technology in the stock of existing buildings. Main focus of demonstration projects is the city of Bottrop, winner of the regional “Modellstad” competiton. Bottrop actively involves over 20.000 inhabitants in renewal of its urban center, where innovative and practical solutions for sustainable living will be realised. In SusLab, Innovation City Ruhr contributes in the following ways:
In WP1 and WP3; Engaging with regional stakeholders (public and private) for exploitation of the infrastructure.
In WP4, Facilitating the collaboration between SusLab and the phase 1 and 3 testing projects.