Johanneberg Science Park

The Science Park was established in 2009 by the Chalmers University and the City of Gothenburg to create better conditions for regional sustainable growth. It offers access to research, education and hi-tech infrastructures, participation in innovative projects, partnership and networks for company development. We strive to have 3-5000 people from industry active in the area within 5-7 years. The Science Park will primarily support development of activities within the disciplines of Urban Development, Environment, Energy, Materials and Nanoscience. The activities are conducted in five parts: education & training, projects, research, growth (SME) and international collaboration. The Park consists of more than 80 high-tech companies employing over 700 people and two incubators. It will promote the exchange of ideas and collaboration between stakeholders and establish cooperation between society, industry and university.
In WP3, the Park links to regional business for infrastructure exploitation. These are SMEs from its own business park and Swedish SMEs and large companies part of its network. It has close cooperation with Riksbyggen, a Swedish company owned by building unions, and local housing associations. It builds about 10% of new dwellings and houses 500,000 people, assuring high impact of SusLabNWE developed innovations through roll-out in its dwellings.
It also serves as a network connecting the project and developments at the Swedish node with regional business and public authorities. It brings indepth experience in establishing public-private cooperation’s on sustainability in the built environment and on regional economic development. Its role focuses on linking the project to regional stakeholders: principally local public authorities, industry, and Riksbyggen, and on sharing relevant experiences. This intermediary role requires a limited budget indicated in the application form.