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RCA Statement for SuslabNWE

The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art undertakes design research and projects with industry that will contribute to improving people's lives. We are the largest and longest-running centre for design research at the Royal College of Art, London, which is one of the world's leading postgraduate art and design schools.

We collaborate with business, academic, government and voluntary sector partners. We engage with four design communities: students, new graduates, professional designers and academics. We develop innovative and empathic research methods – and we exchange knowledge via education, events, publications and industrial collaboration.

Sustain RCA is a new multidisciplinary department, formally established in April 2011, with a mission to inspire encourage and support sustainability thinking across the RCA. Sustain carries out design-led teaching and research about social and environmental issues; it organises a series of high profile lectures, which provide a forum for honest discussions about the complexities and opportunities of sustainable practice in art and design; and it showcases excellence in student sustainability thinking through the annual Sustain Show & Award. Sustain RCA already organises many innovative initiatives and has many more in the pipeline to inspire new thinking around sustainability across the RCA.

The RCA organized a very successful Hackday. More information about this Hackday you can find by visiting the SusLab @ the RCA Blog or by clicking on this link.

Meet the Team

 Dr. Dan Lockton, Senior Associate at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design 

 Clare Brass, Head of Sustain RCA and Sr. Design Tutor in IDE (Innovation Design Engineering).

 Rama Gheerawoo, Deputy Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design 

 Flora Bowden, Research Associate Sustain RCA


The SusLab researchers at the RCA keep a blog about their activities.

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SusLab Hackday

Recently the RCA organized a very successful Hackday around SusLab. More information about this Hackday you can find by clicking on this link.

↑ Short video from a participant of the RCA Hackday ↑