Woonbron is a top-5 social housing groups in the Netherlands. Its working area is the southern part of the Randstad (the metropolitan region of the Netherlands). Woonbron serves about 50,000 households. Woonbron is the owner of the buildings in the Heijplaat area, and the Concept House Village where the Living Laboratory is located. Woonbron is also active in European projects such as Interreg’s IMAGE project, FP7’s BEEM-UP and the SESAC project that is part of the first groups of cities to take part in the CONCERTO Program. Woonbron is particularly active in tenant participation, and has many years of experience with generating user feedback in innovative or experimental technologies.
Contribution to the SusLab project:
-In WP1, Woonbron will participate in developing user observation and engagement methods
-In WP2, Woonbron will provide the building to be converted in Rotterdam Living Lab, and it sets up a volunteer programme for all 3 phases of testing.
-In WP3, Woonbron will be involved in securing long-term funding through exploring possibilities for long-term lease of the building.