Living Labs

A key element of the SusLab infrastructure are the SusLab Living Labs. Each of the 4 participating countries already have or will build one of these innovative and real life testing locations.

What is a Living Lab?

Living Labs are extremely energy efficient (often energy neutral and sometimes even energy producing) houses. These houses are 'living' laboratories that simulate a real life home environment and are used for testing new products and systems around energy.

Being set up as real homes, they can be used as such for a short stay or a prolonged period of time. They are equipped with the latest technology around energy saving and sustainability.

Occupied by research participants that provide feedback, they are a perfect environment for testing innovative products, systems and processes.


The SusLab approach, Toolbox and activities are best described in the online SusLab Brochure.

Watch the video below for a quick overview



Living Labs per country

The Netherlands: Concept House Prototype 1

Sweden: the HSB Living Lab

Germany: Bottrop Living Lab

Great Britain: SusLab Living Lab (under construction)