Sensor Network

Sensor Box

Test locations (Living Labs and existing households) in the 4 partner countries implement the SusLab Sensing Toolkit with the Sensor Box to take objective measurements of areas in the house, including CO2, humidity, air temperature and velocity. 


The SusLab Timeline allows participants to share their activities and physical context around thermal comfort. Users can indicate what they are doing, how warmly they are dressed, in what room they are at what time. In combination with the objective data from the Sensor Box, this provides important information to the researchers.

Smart Plugs

SusLab Smart Plugs measure the energy use of different appliances that are used in the home.

Comfort Dial

The SusLab Comfort Dial can be used to indicate thermal comfort. By turning the knob on the front, participants can share whether they are comfortable, (too) cold or (too) warm. 

Central Database

All the data that is obtained with the Sensor Box and Smart Plugs is sent to the SusLab Central Database where this can be analysed and used in further research.

Design Interfaces

Innovative design interfaces and can be linked with this SusLab Sensor Network. These can receive information from the Sensing Toolkit and the Central Database about the energy consumption in the house where they are placed. The interface then provides feedback to the household members regarding their energy use, the energy availability (for example from solar panels) and thus increases awareness around their energy consumption. 


The SusLab approach, Toolbox and activities are best described in the online SusLab Brochure.


SusLab Sensor Box

SusLab Timeline


SusLab Comfort Dial


SusLab Comfort Dial

 SusLab smart plug